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6ix9ine Arrested After Assault in D.R. | Allnewshit


6ix9ine Arrested After Assault in D.R. | Allnewshit

According to Felix Portes, a criminal lawyer in the Dominican Republic, the Brooklyn rapper was arrested while trying to leave the country on a private plane over an alleged assault. 6ix9ine and his crew are accused of assaulting two producers over an incident involving his girlfriend.


On Friday, Portes took to Instagram to reveal that 6ix9ine was put on “migration alert” and that his whereabouts are “unknown.”

“Trying to leave the country on a private plane, Tekashi 69 turned out to have MIGRATION ALERT,” Portes wrote. “His trip was aborted. The popular artist is on the run, his whereabouts unknown since there is an arrest warrant issued for beatings and injuries and threats.”

Footage of the alleged incident shows a group of men entering a building before running off moments later.


Back in August, 6ix9ine was arrested in Florida over multiple traffic tickets in which he was driving over the speed limit. According to Page Six, the “FEEFAFO” rapper was pulled over in June for going 135 mph in a 65 mph zone on the Florida Turnpike. Police subsequently discovered that 6ix9ine had an unregistered vehicle and no car insurance.

6ix9ine was later booked into a Palm Beach County jail on charges of failure to appear, before he was released after positng a $2,000 bond.

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