Coronavirus prisons outbreak raises fears South Korea – #Allnewshit

hundreds of new cases undercut the government’s effort to show progress in containing the epidemic.

Chinese authorities on Friday reported hundreds of new coronavirus infections at prisons around the country, a dire revelation that undercut the government’s effort to show progress in containing the deadly epidemic.

A handful of prisons reported nearly 500 new cases, a significant portion of the more than 1,100 new cases reported in mainland China on Friday — and a marked increase after several days of declines.

Tests at a prison in eastern Shandong province showed 207 out of 2,077 inmates and staff were infected, and the provincial justice department’s Communist Party secretary was dismissed as a result, the province announced. Another jail in Zhejiang province found 34 cases. Hubei province, at the center of the outbreak, said Friday it found 220 new cases inside penitentiaries.

Source: Live updates: Coronavirus outbreak in China prisons raises alarm; South Korea feared as new hot spot