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    We had the chance to sit down with the upcoming Atl rapper Zo The Artist. He gave us an in-depth view of his music choices and why he took the path of penmanship

    My career started in music because there were times in my life where I felt that it was all I had. It was always deeper than music for me. Music was also my only positive outlet.

    I knew that music was my dream girl when I fell in love with the piano. I taught myself how to play the keys at 11 and just keep growing from there. I was also and the band in chorus throughout the school.

    One of the biggest influences of my music is my emotions, I can’t write about something I haven’t truly felt.
    Another big influence is my fan base I give the people what they want plain n simple.

    Growing up I never really had to struggle because my mother tried to make sure I had EVERYTHING but in return, I had to watch her struggle, and that hit home for me every time. Ever since a child tho music has been my main thing anytime I was going thru anything music was right there.

    As far as the pandemic goes it just gave me time to sit down, lock-in, and re-evaluate some things. Def made me hustle harder and pretty much forced me to stay in the house and write so I can’t be mad about it.
    Also, it made me start networking a lot more on social media apps since I had a lot more time. The only downside to the pandemic was it canceled my first big show at SXSW. That was a Lil discouraging but still, I rise.

    The project I’m working on is a 7 track ep called “Zo-ology”. The reason I named it that is cause I wanna give my fans and others a chance to study me through my music. Ima a perfectionist so I’m not dropping this so until I know it’s a perfect 7 for 7! I won’t the whole ep to ride with no skips and no features!

    In the last quarter of 2020, I plan on releasing a couple more singles for sure don’t know how many yet but a couple. Furthermore, I plan on winning authentic empires 100k $ showcase. I’ll go on the stage on Dec 23 and just gives it all I got for real that’s all I can do.



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